Hank Seitz, PhD, MS


Sixteen years ago Dr. Hank broke his neck in a car accident and was in a coma where he was asked if he wanted to “stay or go” and he chose to stay. He opted not to have surgery to put a rod in his neck and instead put his faith in a great power. He was told he would have chronic pain for the rest of his life and once again he called upon his higher power and is now pain free and enjoying good health. From this he learned how all of us can overcome any obstacle in our lives and achieve all of our dreams by thinking good feeling thoughts and by only focusing on what we want and what we dream of being, doing and having.

Dr. Hank’s passion is helping people realize their greatest potential, and specializing in helping real estate Agents and Brokers realize their dreams. The author of 9 top-selling books, he’s considered by his colleagues and peers to be one of the top Real Estate lecturer/trainers in the world, helping thousands of Agents and Brokers increase their business and wealth exponentially.

For over two decades, Doc Hank has walked-the-walk as a real estate broker and owner of a mortgage company where he grew his agent teams by over 300%.

happiest man in the world Hank Seitz, PhDBefore real estate, Hank “Doc” Seitz excelled as a Manager with Procter & Gamble (P&G) for 15 years, managing a billion-dollar United States based business. He developed a Success Formula for business and used this process first with P&G where sales grew by 21%, and costs dropped by 34% in less than a year, while helping his teams tap into their personal strengths.

He left P&G and began his own consulting practice in 1995, his first client being P&G. Since then he has served as an adviser to the Board of John Deere and consulted with Coca-Cola, IBM, Chase Bank, and hundreds of other large and small companies, as well as individual successful entrepreneurs. His success record achieved measurable business results, at a minimum opf 300% ROI.

He is certified to administer the world’s most statistically accurate and valid diagnostic tools that provide precision accuracy of people’s behaviors, motivations, business acumen and talents. He is the creator of “Top Performers,” a time-proven process that guarantees to increase your business or your investment is returned in full.

Doc Hank is happily married to his wife Sharon, and has three sons and two grandsons.  He enjoys sharing, teaching, traveling the world and laughing a lot!  Some say he is indeed “The Happiest Man in the World.”

Most important, Doc Hank can teach you to feel happier, achieve more prosperity, and experience more fun as an Agent than you ever imagined.